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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 25, 2015 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company @ >> a deadly shooting in hyde park triggering a mass itch search. victim's niece is facing charges. breaking overnight, police investigating a bad crash in ashland. car hits a pole sending five people to the hospital. dangerous floodwaters rising derailing a train in texas. the state could be in for round two later today. jimmy fallon the big man on campus locally heads to harvard and gives them something to smile about. >> announcer: this is 7 news today in new england. >> good sunday morning to you. it's 7:30, thank you for making us a part of your day. i'm kris anderson. we've plenty of news in this half hour for you.
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first, test a sunday. your sunday fun day on tap. we want to get a check of the forecast. >> we need to move out some of the rain showers and we do have a couple of showers on the board. 52 in boston, 54 plymouth. this is the big difference this morning, a milder air mass in place. thanks to the southerly breeze coming in at about 5-10 miles an hour. take a being look at the radar. what is going on. boston north and west we have we've had scattered showers rolling through. nothing particularly tremendously heavy out there but the showers are enough to wet the ground here back into hartford, connecticut, you see the batch working across southern new england as we speak. and we'll continue to see a couple of the scattered showers, say about through noon then drying out for the afternoon. if you are heading out to the tailgate, you may catch a passing shower. i expect dry conditions and the look to the lower 06's, about 63 for a high temperature this afternoon.
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a lot of sunshine tomorrow. cooler, talk more ahead on the seven-day forecast. >> we're following a breaking story this morning, a person is dead in a senior housing apartment fire in milbury that happened last night. according to the worcester telegram and gazette is happened at a milbury housing authority building on elm street. officials haven't released the person's name but say everyone else did make it out safely. officials say the building didn't have working sprinklers. the cause does not appear to be suspicious at this point. another breaking story, car submerged in swampy waters after colliding in a pole in ashland. take a being look the a the scene: action happened between 135 and cedar street. five people were in the vehicle. all had to be rushed to nearby hospitals. >> flu out. one one by life flight and medflight. we ground transport of two of them.
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>> ashland police say the power in the area will be out for an extended period of time. still no word yet on the conditions of the five passengers who were taken to the hospital involved in the crash. now to video you will see on just one station. a family feud turns deadly. a 36-year-old woman is now accused of shooting and killing her ownumle taken into custody. this is video of the arrest of elon louis in peabody. kelli o'hara has more on the video and interview you will see only here. >> doc. utter shock. grew up with the family. >> reporter: friend and fannedly left speechless after yvonne louis is lead away in handcuffs. she is accused of shooting and killing her uncle. minutes after allegedly pulling the trigger louis took off sparking a manhunt. as police scoured the city of boston for the woman they
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call arm and dangerous, hotel guests had an extended stay in peabody found louis much in a different different state of police. i believe she had a bible and she was' reading from the bible praying i think. so she was definitely out of it a little bit. >> reporter:ions eyewitnesses say when they found louis praying they rushed to get the hotel a call to call 911. >> my mom asked her if she was okay and she said she was waiting for someone. i thought she was on drugs or drunk. >> reporter: louis was a boston police employee. a woman neighbors say was anything but violent. >> a sweet young lady. hard-working. ambitious. a go getter. so that is why i'm thrown off. >> reporter: kelli o'hara, 7 news today in new england. >> more news today in worcester, a plane comes crashing down shortly after taking off killing the pilot
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who was on board. this morning we're learning more about the pilot. he was a popular dentist in connecticut. john cuoco with the latest from worcester. >> people in real life don't normally hit to see that stuff. >> reporter: a pilot killed in a crash at around 8:00 saturday morning after taking off at worcester airport. the worcester county district attorney says the single engine plane was barely in the air when it veered right. >> it looked like it was right above the trees. >> reporter: dylan was working nearby. he saw the plane having problems. >> it was up a little bit then spun over like almost up side down then went straight down. we heard crash and bang. >> reporter: the pilot-identified as 66-year-old gary weller of putnam, connecticut. he is a dentist there and according to his boio he worked as an airlines pilot. he was the only person in the plane at the time of the
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>> it's terrifying and scare. >> reporter: we're told weller didn't file a flight plan and his destination is unknown. state police are in charge of processing the debris field. they say the plane was heavily damaged. >> clearly broken into pieces. >> reporter: the ntsb is expected on onscene sunday to try to figure out how this happened. john cuoco. news today in new england. >> we're following more news today. dramatic video of a hostage rescue mission that cuffed last week in iraq. this footage shows joint u.s. kurdish mission that freed 70 host amounts. they're shown escaping bare foot and the in prison gowns. an american commanda was killed during the raid. after a home coming tragedy in oklahoma a two-year-old has become the first death now this year. celebration in oklahoma state university taking a
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drunk driver crashed her vehicle no a crowd of parade goers. >> i've been here 29 years. i can't recall an incident of this magnitude. >> we're heart broken at this tragedy and thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who died and those who are injured. >> horrific scene there. police say it's going to take a few days to gather enough information to determine whether the crash was intentional or accidental. heavy rain drenching parts of texas. it washed out train tracks and derailed a 62-car freight train south of dallas. union pacific train overturning. two crew members managed to swim to safety. rising waters stranded drivers in many other parts of the state. one community already is seeing 20 inches of rain. we're tracking also what is left of now tropical
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depression patricia. the worst of the storm may have passed but the remnants of this storm are threatening parts of texas. 23 million americans could be in danger of major flooding. in mexico officials are trying to tally up all of the damage there. the worst hurricane ever recorded falling apart now. as it moves its way over land. hours after crashing into the coast. it was a race to escape for hundreds of thousands of tourists including a local man who says he did whatever it took to make it home safely. nancy chen has more on his story. >> reporter: when lance houston was planning his vacation to par tice he had no -- paradise he had no idea what he would see. >> from beautiful sun, ocean waves and tropical surroundings to pandemonium. >> reporter: hurricane patricia hammered coastal areas hard with winter up to 165 miles an hour. the man is back in the united states but he is scary situation.
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>> we had a phone call from the front desk saying, you have a half hour to pack all of your belongings. you are being evacuated right now. >> reporter: from the hotel he got on a bus to guide la harry during a 12-hour ride his emotions wherever fear from fathers and anxiety i think to a sense of calm. >> i think being from boston you develop a thick skin and learn to deal with at versity in a certain way. >> reporter: he found another hotel for the night but not everyone was as lucky as lance. >> there was no guarantee of shelter. there is, you know, there was no, they could have easily turned us away and some folks were turn aid way because a lot of the hotels were booked up. >> reporter: nancy chen. >> houston arrived in boston. he said not even mother nature could stop him from seeing the pats taking on the jets today. nice transition over to give
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preparing for the a.f.c.rivalry match jets. fly into foxboro there is a bit of good news for pats fans, brandon lafell is set to make his season debut. he officially is activated for sund sat or he was activate and could help against their old friend derrell revis. without rex ryan the week is a bit more subdayed but tom brady is warning us the jets team is for real. >> they're very similar to us in a lot of ways. a big, tough physical team. you play in these elements, i think there is a lot of characteristics that make them tough to beat. so they play hard. they're off to a great start this year. defense. >> kickoff over in foxboro
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set for 1:00 today. head on to 7 news today in new england this morning. taking action. rhode island family filing a lawsuit against warner brothers, a popular horror movie at the certainty -- center of some controversy. >> milder start to the day. hopping the showers last and what to expect the rest of
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yesterday was completely dry. today not so much. we do have a couple of scattered showers out there north and west of boston. especially from the merrimack valley back over to cape ann, sea coast of new hampshire. that goes down through worcester county closing in on 95. southwest of boston, down to the providence stretch, this is working off to the east. we're not talking about a tremendous amount of rain but we do have a batch of showers in a has to work on through. and i do expect by lunch time today and thereafter for it to be dry. scattered showers out there this morning. again not real heavy in terms of high amounts of rain. maybe a few towns north and west of boston that pick up .1 of an inch or perhaps a quarter of an inch. most towns .1 of an inch or less. by 11:00 that batch really broken up here. still a lot of clouds around. maybe a passing sprinkle still out there. right around noontime or 11:00 but i think the theme this afternoon as we go through the rest of the someday to break the homes in the overcast. that will allow temperatures
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to warm to the lower 60s this afternoon and clear skies prevailing. overnight tomorrow and tomorrow sun-filled skies although tomorrow will be a cooler day. where we do have a tremendous amount of heavy rain is down through houston, texas, over to new orleans. this is the remnants of what was patricia as it crossed over mexico and in the northwest gulf of mexico. some of the rain totals yesterday morning and the night before south of dallas approaching about 17 inches with the front they got hang up here. now we have the front off to the south and east a it's over to louisiana that is going to be the jackpot interms of the heaviest rainfall totals the next 24-48 hours locally up to another 8 had ever 9 inches of rain in that region. some of this moisture as we get into the middle to second half of the upcoming week is drawn up no a system that's going to cross in from the mid west and into the northeast. by late wednesday, wednesday night into thursday, it'll
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of showers, imbedsed downpours and winter out of the south that will be gusty at times on thursday. that wind also bringing in much milder air on thursday as well. 58-64 this afternoon. dryer out there after a few scattered showers this morning. forecast for tonight mainly clear sky, 30-42. 7 on 7 forecast, going to keep it dry on monday into tuesday, late wednesday, wednesday night into thursday, the best chaps of showers, especially the first half of thursday, upper 06's on thursday with an active southerly wind. halloween forecasts, the forecast itself not so scary. >> thank you so much. new this morning hosting the 25th annual new hampshire pom kin festival laconia fell short of breaking keene's record of the most lit lanterns. this year the festival only had about 9600 pumpkins. keene decided not to host
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riot broke outs in the neighborhood. legal horror stories for a rhode island couple. they're taking action against a major film company. the home owners of "home in "the conjuring" have filed a lawsuit. even with their no tress peacing signs their homes is frequently invaded by fans who sneak -- >> i'm violated by those but it's the worry of the one or two that could be more serious than just trespassing. that is what we live with everyday. >> home owner says she never knew the conjuring was going to be a major motion picture that would turn her self up side down. it's 7:47. coming up here, she is firework. star that came out in support ever hillary clinton and showed a little campaign spirit.
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>> the ration for the white house taking center stage with some serious star power, that is katy perry there performing in front of fans at a hillary clinton event. the democratic race reaching a turning point. two of the candidates dropping out but for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, the pressure is increasing. kelly o'donele has the story. >> reporter: with a line winding through downtown des moines, this is a test to show campaign spirit. >> $3, 2 for $5. >> hillary clinton's team is going all in on star power, saving bill clinton's first campaign stop in iowa. >> i want to thank katy perry for coming here to sing.
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[applause] i want to thank all of you for showing up and supporting her. >> reporter: to maximize crowd size invited superstar hit maker whose song is clinton's campaign speech. >> you are going to hear me roar. >> reporter: that is katy perry in concert. after a tough ride clinton has hit a high note. a string of prevents her favor from biden's decision to stay out of the week to her strong performances at the debate and marathon testimony on capitol hill. she rivaled bernie sanders opted for list glitz. >> this is the wealthiest country in the history of the world but most people don't know it. >> reporter: to show after the grassroots strength that made him a force in the race trailing clinton and sanders but still in the race is former governor martin o'malley who made his own music.
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all three democrats speak tonight at iowa democrats premiere known event known as the jefferson jackson dinner where it was barack obama. that only raises the stakes for this year's show. >> next up a funny man at the top of his game. you know who that is tonight show host leadership isn't given.
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>> it was a crowning moment at harvard university for funny man jimmy fallon over the weekend. the tonight show host being named the emperor of comedy. hundreds of fans coming togethers for this special parade in fallon's honor. >> how are you? >> reporter: the newly crowned emperor of comedy, jimmy fallon greeting a crowd in cambridge. hundreds of fans packing on to mass avenue trying to catch a glimpse of the tonight show host. >> i'm so happy to be here, i can't believe i got to see him. >> reporter: the belmont high school band provided driving music as fallon was brought by chariot to an award ceremony on the steps --
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i apologize for the congestion but it's so hard to get uber at this time of night so a chariot is fast. >> jimmy received an 85 cent check, a lampoon tie and the elmer aboard. the lampoon around around since 1876 but this is only the 8th time the elmer award has been given. >> this is a great day but i can't, it's a greater day for the harvard lampoon. [laughter] but it's also a great day [applause] >> great day for america. [applause] >> thank you so much, you guys. let's party. >> nick emmons. >> a whole lot of fun. can you get outside and enjoy the weather today? that shall the big question.
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>> couple of hours of scattered showers rolling on through but midday into the afternoon we dry it out. temperatures into the 60s this afternoon. so a warmer afternoon. brighter but cooler tomorrow. >> at least it's warmer rain. we'll take it. that's going to do it for us. thanks for joining us, i'm chris anderson. the "today" show is up next and more 7 news today in new england coming your way at 9:00.
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